The team is running leaderboard challenges for the community of LionLegends where ADA prizes will be given out to the top 5 ranked members of the community. There are 2 leaderboards – 1. Monthly and 2. Overall.

The monthly leaderboard is based on the total XP points collected by the users within a 30 days period and is reset monthly. The overall leaderboard is based on accumulated XP points over the months. There are several ways to collect XP points. Please see the illustrations.

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Real-life Utility

The team will be running a pilot program to implement real life utility for LionLegends Holders. Holders will be eligible to participate in sports events like Formula 1 Grand Prixs, NFL games, or UEFA football matches, by being chosen on a lottery basis. Other exclusive events for which the team will provide tickets include Crypto conferences or CNFT and Cardano events. By simply owning a LionLegends NFT, holders will stand a chance to win tickets on a quarterly basis.

Real-life Utility

Whitelist Access to cNFT projects

LionLegends holders will be whitelisted for some of the most popular NFT projects on the Cardano blockchain. All holders have to do is to hold a LionLegends NFT from any season in their wallet and they will have a chance to receive an exclusive whitelist spot for their favourite project. The team will regularly share updates on the Discord server regarding the latest project that holders
can have access to.

Whitelist Access 
to cNFT projects


NFTs from both Season 1 and Season 2 are eligible to be staked and in return, holders will be rewarded with $LIONMANE token. For every Season 1 or Season 2 NFT that is staked, holders will be rewarded with 1 $LIONMANE on a daily basis. For those who stake their 3D avatar lion (see below), they will receive 2 $LIONMANE token per day. The tokens can be redeemed at any point in time within a 2-year window. Staking will go live soon!



With $LIONMANE, users can now breed two NFTs (Season 1 + Season 2) to form a 3D avatar that is compatible with Metaverse platforms like Pavia, CardanoApesLand, OG Bear metaverse and Metadams. The two NFTs used for breeding will be burned. The results of the breeding will follow these rules:

  • Base lion will be a male lion
  • For every category of the two seasons, the attribute that is more rare will be selected
  • It is important to note that not all attributes of the female lions can be passed on to the 3D avatar. In this case the male attribute will be chosen.

Breeding and 3D avatars will be available in Q2!