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Our first 3D NFT Art collection on Cardano

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It is more than just art.

Lion Legends is a series of utility-digital art collections with a multitude of benefits available to its holders. Season 1 and 2 consist of 5555 Lion and Lioness NFTs each. Season 3 was an airdrop and presents the newest members of the lion pride, with only 1950 LionCubs available. Each piece of art is unique.

In the first launch, with the help of the community, the Lions successfully escaped from captivity and reclaimed their throne. The Lionesses followed the success of their counterparts and managed to gain freedom as well. In the latest season, where a limited number of cubs were born, they were gifted to the most loyal LionLegends holders.

Join the community on Discord to discover more on how you can participate in the monthly challenges and win ADA prizes!


  • How to buy a LionLegends NFT?

    By clicking here you are led to the NFT marketplace jpg.store, where you can buy our Lion NFTs. You will automatically land on the Season 1 page, if you are interested in buying a Season 2 or Season 3 Lion, just search for „LionLegends Lioness“ or „LionLegends Cubs“.

  • How to view NFTs in your wallet?

    Go on https://pool.pm and type in your receiving wallet address in the search field.

  • What are the utilities for LionLegends NFTs?

    The team offers multiple utilities to LionLegends Holders, including access to real-life events, exclusive access to NFT projects, leaderboard challenges with ADA prizes, staking rewards and metaverse avatars. Click here for more information.

  • How does the staking work?

    Staking will go live soon. We will announce more information about the details on how to stake your Lion NFTs by then!

  • What can I do with $LIONMANE?

    $LIONMANE is the utility token that fuels the LionLegends ecosystem and can be used to buy offerings and services within the project, for example:

    1. Give a nickname & bio to your Lion via the blockchain
    2. Convert your NFT from a JPG to a Video
    3. Breed two NFTs (Season 1 + Season 2) to form a 3D avatar that is compatible with Metaverse platforms like Pavia, CardanoApesLand and OG Bear metaverse. Find more information about breeding here.
    4. Exchange $LIONMANE tokens for Discord XP to climb up the ranking on the leaderboard and win ADA prizes
    5. Purchase merchandise at real life events e.g. at the first LionLegends Meet-Up in London

    In order to be able to buy extra $LIONMANE that can be used within the LionLegends ecosystem, the team will list the token on MuesliSwap. Please note that $LIONMANE will only be available, once staking has been implemented.