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About the

Lion Legends is a series of digital art collections. Season 1 consists of 5555 male Lion NFTs, while the new Season 2 presents 5555 female Lion NFTs. Each piece of art is unique.

In the first launch, the Lions have successfully reclaimed their throne, after escaping from captivity. But while enjoying their newly gained freedom and roaming around the savannah, they found another pride that was trapped by the poachers. Following their natural instinct and showing true allegiance to the lion pride, they decided to devise a plan to free their female mates.

The Lioness need YOUR final support in breaking free from captivity. Mint one and you free one. All minted Lioness will escape successfully into the wild and be united with their counterparts.


  • When is the Szn 2 launch?

    10th Dec, time to be announced on Twitter, Discord and on this website.

  • What will be the mint price?

    60 ADA

  • How much royalty fees?

    2.5% for every sale on the secondary market.

  • What are the Compatible wallets?

    Only send your ADA via Yoroi/Daedalus/Nami wallets. Do not send money from any CEX like Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin etc. Your ADA would be lost.

  • How to get on whitelist for Szn 2?

    You have to hold Szn 1 Lion for at least 3 weeks or longer, prior to Szn 2 launch. A snapshot of all Lion Legends holders will be taken to determine the length of duration that you have held your lion(s) for.

  • When will snapshot take place?

    Snapshot will be taken on 10th Dec 2021 0000h UTC.

  • How many can I mint?

    In general, you can only mint a maximum of 1 NFT per wallet per transaction. This does not apply to those who own more than 1 lion and are whitelisted.

  • How many whitelist spots can I get?

    You are entitled to 1 spot for every lion you hold long enough. E.g. if you hold 5 lions for 3 weeks or more prior to launch, you will be entitled to 5 spots on the whitelist.

  • I understand that whitelist is offered to those who hold drop 1 for at least 3 weeks prior to launch. Will I be able to get 2 whitelist spots for 2 of my wallets if I hold 2 Lions in Wallet A and 0 lion in Wallet B?

    It is okay to hold all of your Lions in the same wallet. The number of whitelist spots you receive, will be equal to the number of lions you hold for 3 weeks prior to launch. This means, if you hold 3 lions in one wallet, you will get 3 whitelist spots for this one wallet.

  • Can I hold my lions in different wallets and have several wallets being whitelisted?

    Yes you can do that, but we would not recommend you to follow this strategy anymore. While for the whitelist of the second drop you technically only need to hold a lion 3 weeks prior to launch, for the airdrop which will come in February, every day from 6th November on counts. This means the longer you hold your Lions in the same wallet, the better your chances to receive an airdrop. Sending them in between your different wallets might hurt your chances.

  • How do I qualify for Airdrop?

    We will give the airdrop to the thousand wallets that are holding drop 1 and drop 2 the longest. What does the longest mean? This would be the sum of days holding first drop and days holding the second drop. For example if you are holding drop one 60 days and drop 2 for 30 days, in sum this would equal 90 days. If 90 days is enough to be among the top 1000 of longest holders, you would get an airdrop.

  • What happens if I hold for example 2 NFTs of season 1, named A and B and 1 NFT from season 2 named C. If A is held for 60 days, B for 40 days and C for 30 days, how will it be calculated?

    We will choose the pair with the highest sum of days. So in this case, it would be A: 60 days + C: 30 days = 90 days.

  • How does it work if I hold 2 NFTs of season 1 named A (for 60 days) and B (for 50 days) and 2 NFTs of season 2 named C (for 30 days) and D (for 20 days). Can I get 2 airdrops?

    Yes you might be able to qualify for 2 airdrops and for pair building we will prioritize the NFTs that you hold longest. So in this case the two pairs would have the following sum of days: 1st pair: A: 60 days + C: 30 days = 90 days 2nd pair: B: 50 days + D : 20 days = 70 days

  • How to view NFTs in your wallet?

    Go on https://pool.pm and type in your receiving wallet address in the search field.